Fandd Art & Gifts

Our Handmade Wooden Signs.

Our wood signs come in a variety of sizes. We have some standard sizes but sizes can vary depending on the sign's content. The sizes of your personalised signs will depend on the amount of text and the size of your images. We are also happy to create a size based on your personal preferences. ----- Below are some of our standard sizes.

Large Sculptured Wooden Signs

Approximately 800mm x 190mm

Medium Sculptured Wooden Signs

Approximately 500mm x 140mm

Small Sculptured Wooden Signs

Approximately 500mm x 90mm

Our Wooden Key Holder Gift.

For those who are looking for something to stir the pot with their friends, we have yearly wooden spoons for teams in most sporting competitions.

Never lose your keys again.

Wooden Plaque Styled Signs

Approximately 275mm x 140mm